Through an exclusive network of specialists, Grit assembles a best-in-class team of thinkers and makers, which provides you with a virtual in-house creative department without the agency overhead or up-sell.

What We Do

Grit Creative isn’t just an advertising agency or a creative boutique specializing in politics and public affairs. Grit is a band of storytellers ready to share your story through specialized mediums. We are thinkers, we are creators and we are doers.

If you want the false security of a big sluggish firm Grit Creative is not for you. We are personal and our clients quickly become family. We don’t pine for old advertising models that are long gone – We modernize and adapt by fusing together new media and digital to traditional communication platforms. You’re not looking for a doormat and we aren’t order takers. Together, we have a common goal and a purpose – the betterment of your campaign and your brand.

Here at Grit we take on challenges that matter. We care about what we do and how we do it. We never place our profit margin above integrity and character, even if that means our bottom line suffers.

Grit Creative is a new breed of conversationalist for a smaller world. Today, advertising campaigns are overflowing with new weapons of digital, social and visual delivery systems that only work as well as the story they tell. We use our talents to tell YOUR story, tailor made just for you.

With over 30 years of combined experience in politics, government, advertising and business we can create and nurture your campaign, business and brand together.

  • Advertising

    Print / Broadcast / Radio / Direct Mail / Digital / Social Media

  • Marketing

    Web Development and Design / Logo Design / Video Production / Communications / Grassroots / Events / Trade Shows / Public Relations / Promotions

  • Consulting

    Sales Strategies / Qualitative and Quantitative Research / Brand Strategy / Political Strategy / Political Advocacy

Featured Work

Band of Storytellers

Vincent Fields

Vincent Fields

Head Honcho

The original Grit, Vince overseas all of Grit Creative’s goings-on, including working directly with clients, guiding overall creative direction and managing vendor relations. Vince has beefed up his professional consulting skills for over 15 years, specializing in representing political candidates and public affairs organizations at the local, state and federal levels. Born and raised in […]

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Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton

Media Consultant

Among Sarah’s many accomplishments include meeting Poland’s President and Kim Kardashian in the flesh. She has also been evacuated off of two subways in two different continents – she swears she had no direct involvement in the evacuations. We choose to believe her. Sarah is a proud Murray State Grad, having interned under Elaine Cho […]

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Alexander Keys

Alexander Keys

Consultant / Designer / Digital

Alex was born in the small, “tourist destination” of Cadiz, Kentucky. His fascination with politics began early, listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show and debating topics of the day with his grandfather. Before the end of his first decade, Alex knew that politics was to be his home. Alex loves Ale 8 and being merry. He […]

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Kathleen Seneff

Kathleen Seneff

Communications Strategist

With a last name that translates to “mustard,” Kathleen was obviously destined for greatness. Always up for a good challenge, Kathleen’s favorite childhood pastimes included drawing zoo animals in people’s clothing and diagramming sentences in English class. After far too much reading, Kathleen decided her love for written communication was strong enough to merit a […]

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