Alex was born in the small, “tourist destination” of Cadiz, Kentucky. His fascination with politics began early, listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show and debating topics of the day with his grandfather. Before the end of his first decade, Alex knew that politics was to be his home.

Alex loves Ale 8 and being merry. He channels his enthusiasm for such things into his work, having contributed to the teams of several political campaigns through direct mail planning and design, fundraising, event planning and robo calling. In fact, Alex’s firm earned recognition for providing small businesses and community organizations with the essential tools and strategies to compete online.

Alex’s work at Grit Creative includes, but is not limited to, complex website development, direct mail planning and general political strategy. But his special skills include calculus and the ability to hold his own breath for several minutes (although he admits he has not practiced in six months). Back to subject, Alex has programmed websites and applications under pressure to turn sites live in the shortest of deadlines.

While he resides in Kentucky, Alex continually dresses like a true southern gentleman – increasing the “class factor” inside the office. And although his wardrobe is composed of southern pride, Alex can honestly say that part of him is made in China.