With a last name that translates to “mustard,” Kathleen was obviously destined for greatness. Always up for a good challenge, Kathleen’s favorite childhood pastimes included drawing zoo animals in people’s clothing and diagramming sentences in English class. After far too much reading, Kathleen decided her love for written communication was strong enough to merit a career in Communications/Marketing.

Her communication skills have been put to use producing fresh content through all forms of digital, broadcast and print media and design. Kathleen is especially proud of her published poems and short stories, as well as a few special projects she isn’t allowed to talk about (just ask about her city-wide Environmental Poetry Event). With past experience in Broadcast and Digital selling and Campaign Management, Kathleen spends her time at Grit Creative “convincing” her team of the importance of words and cooking up new ways to meet the needs of their clients.

She has been known to incorporate “evidently” into all of her conversations with coworkers, and secretly yearns for the day when poetry comes back into style.

Internet articles seem to be Kathleen’s biggest weakness – and chocolate of any kind.

If she was asked to offer any advice to those reading this bio it would go something like: Live with energy and with lightheartedness. Do not let go of your fire, no matter what your mother told you about the kitchen stove. Fight for your enthusiasm! And whatever you do, do not take yourself so seriously that you forget how to play.